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From the Battlespace to your Farmspace

Farmspace offers solutions to the challenges of a constantly growing population.

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A Connected Farm

All Kinds of Links For Ag Situation Awareness

Crop Monitoring

RGB, NDVI, Etc, We Got You Covered

Reporting & Support

Turn Data Into Information.

Lt Gen John Glad Castellaw founded Farmspace Systems, a veteran-led organization, because he saw a need to continue serving those who feed and clothe the world after retiring from the armed forces.

He co-founded Farmspace Systems with retired Air Force Captain Derick Seaton after recognizing parallels between modern agriculture and the battlespaces he previously commanded.

A company founded with the mission of assisting agriculture communities in growing and prospering by utilizing environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods based on precision agriculture and remote sensing technology.

We've had our finger on the pulse of the fledgling consumer and industrial drone ecosystems since our inception in 2014.

We've flown everything from small hobbyist quadcopters to large industrial multirotors.

Additionally, we collaborate with programmers and satellite companies to develop artificial intelligence algorithms and programs tailored to agriculture.

Thus, the question is; How we might be of assistance to you?

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You're not in the agriculture industry, but you need to incorporate drones into your workflow?
There's no need to be worried; our FSS Ventures team is here to help.
EMS, surveyors, Government, and educational institutions are just a few examples of the industries we've served. 
Contact us today and we'll give you wings to soar.

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