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FAA Authorizes Farmspace Systems to operate DJI T30 UAS

December 8, 2022

Farmspace Systems, LLC (FSS) today announced that the FAA has given FSS authorization to fly the DJI Agras T-30 sprayer in agricultural aircraft spraying operations. This is another step forward in FSS's ability to provide precision agriculture solutions to farmers, agronomists, and others.

Farmers have gained substantial advantages from the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as “drones,” in a wide range of applications. Farmspace began selling UAVs to farmers and other agricultural professionals in 2013, with sales and services extending from Alabama to Texas. Drone sensors, including infrared, multispectral, and in the near future, hyperspectral sensors, collect imagery that includes crop health and nutrient data. Furthermore, UAVs can perform airborne mapping, plant monitoring, pivot inspection, and now, aerial chemical application.

Executive Vice President Derick Seaton, our FAA regulation and compliance officer, oversaw FSS's team, which included Technology Manager Ted Moore and Chief Pilot Chance Weldon. The team navigated the complex regulatory procedures in order to create a successful FAA waiver request. FSS can now support farmers and agriculture businesses to develop and submit their own exemption petitions, as well as equip them with the UAVs and support equipment needed for a wide range of aerial operations.  A true, one-stop shop, ag drone service provider. 

Please contact Wanda Castellaw at or (202) 365-5001 for further information. Farmspace Systems, LLC is a veteran-owned company based in Alamo, Tennessee that services the Midsouth agricultural and first responder communities.

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