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How We Can Help

With 75+ years of military and commercial aviation experience from our staff, FSS Ventures is uniquely poised to advise, assist and direct organizations toward optimizing their potential on the digital frontier with the use of cutting-edge technology


Hyperspectral/Multispectral Imaging

We have access to multispectral technology that allows us to gain more insight into plant health. With the ability to detect electromagnetic wavelengths outside the visible spectrum, multispectral imaging paints a better picture of how well the plants are actually performing.

Hyperspectral technology allows us to peer further into the images collected by diving down to the pixel level. Then by separating the spectral signatures of the object in question, we can detect, analyze, and take action on the issue at hand. Such applications can be used in agriculture, food security, medical scanning, and other specialty fields.

Artificial Intelligence

At FSS Ventures, we have worked with artificial intelligence with our partners and developed solutions for our customers’ needs.

Whether it’s pinpointing newly sprouted crops, counting cars for analytics, or automatic screening via scripted rules, our A.I. algorithm is flexible enough to fulfill these tasks.

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Training & Support

We train clients on drone flying, software interpretation and systems integration. Five years of classroom and practical application experience has secured our foothold in the drone vendor market as one of the leading full-service drone organizations in America.

Our custom-tailored approach to educating our clients builds trust, confidence and develops team building between FSS Ventures and your organization. But don’t take our word for it. Ask the hundreds of people who have benefited from our expertise in the Volunteer State.

Drone Photography

We have access to a multitude of aerial camera platforms.  Whether it’s a special event, a framed photograph of your home or business, or for property management, we can handle all of your aerial photography and videography needs.  Our pilots are Part 107 certified and insured and have the experience necessary to deliver a polished final product.

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Contract Flights

FSS Ventures is comprised of highly tech-savvy men and women who bring a wealth of knowledge from their respective backgrounds. Mapping, Inspections, or surveillance are areas we specialize in. Contact us for more information!