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Ed Yarish

High Sierra Advisory Services

Maj Gen Ed Yarish USAFR (Retired)

Ed was commissioned through the Air Force ROTC program in 1983. He was assigned to the Ballistic Missile Office at Norton AFB California managing acquisition, development, and testing of several sub-systems. He joined the Air Force Reserve in 1990. Gen Yarish served on Air Staff working transportation, congressional and strategic planning issues. He also served on the Joint Staff and directed logistics for operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom He served in HQ Air Force Material Command and HQ Air Force Reserve Command as an advisor for Strategic Planning, Governance Policy, and Leadership Development. He also brings 30+ years’ experience in private and publicly held corporations developing and implementing commercial software/hardware enterprise services and complex solutions. He has led the development of an innovative line of business, multi-source information solutions, leveraging expertise in geospatial, opensource, social media data to generate new offerings.

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